The Business inMotion story began with three business women – Ines, Lori and Yvonne, who came together with a desire to collaborate and build a business around their lifestyles.

They were inspired to develop a dynamic working environment where they could nourish their creative souls in visual language while harnessing their business experience.

For many years they had each operated their own companies. Their practical backgrounds gave them an understanding of what it takes to juggle a successful growing business, with life’s daily challenges. They identified what they had all found to be a common challenge – not having enough time and money to know who to trust with helping them grow their business through marketing.

Together they resolved to make marketing fun and easy. Now their clients feel confident they are investing with a team who they trust will find them the best solutions. With their effective marketing strategies, their clients are able to generate more sales and measure the return on their investment.

Business inMotion is built on a shared philosophy that in everything they do, they believe it should be fun, collaborative, and with integrity. They do this by creating captivating and inspiring digital content.

Who the heck are we?


Videographer + Art Director

With her dynamic energy, Ines inspires others to discover their own creative visual style.

Video requires courage, and her role is to navigate us safely around any potential challenges, while making the process enjoyable and rewarding.

Her inspiration comes from the courageous – those who aspire to take on the world despite fears of the unknown. Ines does this through heart-felt communication and having a clear vision for your direction.


Videographer + Photographer + Web + Branding

Lori loves capturing creative visual experiences. While working with her clients, she consistently finds inspiration and beauty in the everyday world around her.

She intuitively tunes in to your business’ unique advantage and captures you in your environment.

Lori is an expert in visual language and she brings it all together through custom visuals, and cohesive branding and websites.


Videographer + Editor

Yvonne’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge enables her to explore ideas and offer innovative solutions for her clients.

With her observational skills, this allows her to capture the heart of your story, all through the lens of the camera. 

Clarity and understanding of what her clients value, ensures that at editing stage, she applies the finishing touches to visually convey the authenticity and essence of your message.